$CGPT Circulating Supply Tracker

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Burnt $CGPT: 1,559,662

Live Circulating Supply of $CGPT: 384,284,940 (LP.included)

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Contract Address Balance (CGPT) Chain Type Name
0x73e49c140c35fc1cc0c716f00d435e22ab8c1305 336,283,141 BSC TeamFinance Vesting Treasury, Team, DAO Fund, Marketing, Development (ref: tokenomics)
0x62A402DEf6Ca37E9CA7a544bE34954748088CCEE 128,157,888 BSC Staking Pools ChainGPT Pad Staking Pool
0x2d842cf79aa3d6bcef9e37dd9d8809ebab813ad5 49,359,162 BSC TeamFinance Vesting Private A Round (ref: tokenomics)
0x0aaf30015ee2393dbeab2d8830f6d244f2dfa0f1 29,954,639 BSC TeamFinance Vesting Farming/Staking (ref: tokenomics)
0x9d9ceebf7fb22df325c37591c43c7c0e0f36c6a2 20,647,682 BSC TeamFinance Vesting Private B Round (ref: tokenomics)
0xb63ea5700834975e8349cfd2d54216f7749b0e49 18,912,408 BSC TeamFinance Vesting Liquidity Allocation (ref: tokenomics)
0x926D28476A4bB4F7E4c27C913a3495b3d7393006 9,166,666 BSC TeamFinance Contract (Locked) Seedify Incubation Fee (1%)
0x39f119f1d89ba0e14daded2a5901f3c42135726c 7,042,255 BSC TeamFinance Vesting Available Advisory Tokens (ref: tokenomics)
0x765a6ee976137801F2661c3644E1fde369A8ED18 5,042,498 BSC Staking Pools CGPT Staking Rewards & Staked (via Decubate)
0x98E9EBc9539d674cbcd505b6A6483991d50c2356 3,473,755 BSC Crowdfunding Vesting Decubate
0x915a6fF38cab0bB0B027179D7b5f196DAB25C626 3,005,918 BSC IDO Round Vesting Seedify IDO
0x77A8b449e7cd61dd54B755034Baf9d00EeeD1076 820,162 BSC TeamFinance Vesting Seedify IDO Fee (3.5%) in tokens
0x436CE2ce8d8d2Ccc062f6e92faF410DB4d397905 748,941 BSC IDO Round Vesting Poolz
0xd377766831DE29B39Ea45687983F9F590add517f 693,831 BSC IDO Round Vesting EnjinStarter
0x28FBFA75850E246BdD454A0e76FeAA42D771757B 428,281 BSC Staking Pools ChainGPT Pad Staking Pool - Rewards Distributor
0xd58DE7168b7d22048db5EdAafa07265B70407Bc0 400,577 BSC IDO Round Vesting WePad
0x6dAa1b5F9cF268AF2fd93Dff8083E2d3ca237008 17,585 BSC Crowdfunding Vesting YAYNetwork
0x1f7bAAf93e0449394e80f3A24c14fB2fA667495c 0 BSC TeamFinance Vesting KOLs Round (ref: tokenomics)
$CGPT Circulating Supply 384,284,940